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About CASA

Center for Advanced Software Analysis is located at Department of Computer ScienceAarhus University. The center conducts research in program analysis and web technologies, aiming to improve software quality and programmer productivity.

The center is supported by grants (totalling 4.2 M euros) from the European Research Councilthe Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Sciences and the Danish Council for Independent Research. The research activities are additionally financially supported by IBM Research and Google.


2016.04.14 | CASA

ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award for Esben Andreasen and Anders Møller

The article "Feedback-Directed Instrumentation for Deployed JavaScript Applications" has been selected to receive an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award. From the CASA team Esben Andreasen and Anders Møller have co-authored the publication.

2016.03.04 | CASA

Article accepted at ECOOP 2016

The article "Trace Typing: An Approach for Evaluating Retrofitted Type Systems" by Esben Andreasen et al. has been accepted at ECOOP 2016.

2016.03.01 | CASA

Martin Torp joins CASA as Student Programmer

Martin Torp joined the CASA team as a Student Programmer on March 1.


Head of Research

Anders Møller

Associate professor
H bldg. 5341, 224
P +4587156254
P +45 23309994


Sofia Rasmussen

Research Group Coordinator


The Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Sciences and the Danish Council for Independent Research (Sapere Aude), grants no. 09-064210, 10-081627, 10-082660.

The European Research Council (ERC Consolidator Grant), grant no. 647544.


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