Jens Palsberg, Professor at UCLA

2018.08.15 | CASA , Featured, Public/media

Talk by Jens Palsberg: Jones-Optimal Partial Evaluation by Specialization-Safe Normalization

On August 20, Jens Palberg will visit the group and give an exciting talk about Jones-Optimal Partial Evaluation by Specialization-Safe Normalization in Nygaard-295 from 13:00-14:00.

2018.05.14 | CASA , Featured, Public/media, PhD defense

PhD defense by Christoffer Quist Adamsen

On May 23, Christoffer Quist Adamsen will defend his PhD thesis entitled Automated Testing Techniques for Event-Driven and Dynamically Typed Programming Languages. The defense takes place at Department of Computer Science in Ada-333 from 13:00-15:00. All interested are welcome to join.

2018.03.21 | CASA , Featured, Public/media

Sergio Mover visits the CASA team on April 4 and 5

On April 4 and 5, Sergio Mover from University of Colorado will visit the CASA team. During the visit, Sergio will give an exicting talk on Abstractions and models to design safe Event-Driven Cyber-Physical Systems. The talk takes place in Nygaard-295 at 11:00 on April 4.

2018.03.12 | CASA , Featured, Public/media

Qirun Zhang visits the CASA team on March 15 and 16

On March 15 and 16, Qirun Zhang from the Department of Computer Science at UC Davis will visit the CASA team. During the visit, Qirun will give an exicting talk on Practical Program Analysis: Principles and Techniques. The talk takes place in Ada-333 at 12:00 on March 15.

2017.10.30 | CASA , Featured, Public/media

ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Paper Award to Adamsen and Møller

Congratulations to Christoffer Quist Adamsen and Anders Møller who have received ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Paper Award at OOPSLA 2017 for the paper Practical Initialization Race Detection for JavaScript Web Applications. The paper is written in co-operation with Frank Tip.

Yue Li & Tian Tan

2017.09.12 | CASA , People , Featured, Public/media

Welcome to two new postdocs

On September 11, Tian Tan and Yue Li joined the CASA team as Postdocs supervised by Anders Møller. Both have a PhD degree in Computer Science from University of New South Wales, Australia. In their spare time Tian enjoy swimming, fitness, playing volleyball, and so on, but my favorite sport is always basketball, while Yue enjoys playing…

Simon Gregersen

2017.08.01 | CASA , Public/media, People

New PhD student: Simon Gregersen

On August 1, Simon Gregersen joins the groups as a PhD student. Simon obtained his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Aarhus University in July 2017, and will be undertaking his PhD studies in the CASA group supervised by Anders Møller. Prior to his enrollment, Simon worked as a student programmer in the same group…

2017.06.23 | CASA , Awards, People

Distinguished Reviewer Award to Anders Møller

At the 2017 ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation in Barcelona, Anders Møller was rewarded with the Distinguished Reviewer Award.

2017.04.18 | CASA , Awards

2017 Google PhD Fellowship to Christoffer Quist Adamsen

Congratulations to PhD student Christoffer Quist Adamsen from the Programming Languages research group on receiving the 2017 Google PhD fellowship. 33 promising PhD students from North America, Europe and the Middle East have been nominated for the Google fellowship.

Nada Amin

2017.04.06 | Lecture / talk, CASA

Talk by Nada Amin on Safety Net and Springboard, April 10

Abstract: A scalable programming language is one in which the same concepts can describe small as well as large parts. Towards this goal, the Scala programming language unifies concepts from object and module systems...

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