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2017.04.18 | CASA , Awards

2017 Google PhD Fellowship to Christoffer Quist Adamsen

Congratulations to PhD student Christoffer Quist Adamsen from the Programming Languages research group on receiving the 2017 Google PhD fellowship. 33 promising PhD students from North America, Europe and the Middle East have been nominated for the Google fellowship.

Nada Amin

2017.04.06 | Lecture / talk, CASA

Talk by Nada Amin on Safety Net and Springboard, April 10

Abstract: A scalable programming language is one in which the same concepts can describe small as well as large parts. Towards this goal, the Scala programming language unifies concepts from object and module systems...

2017.03.17 | CASA , People

Anders Møller appointed Professor at Aarhus University

Anders Møller (41) has been appointed professor at the Department of Computer Science as of 1 April. His appointment will be celebrated on 5 May 2017 with an inaugural lecture followed by a reception at the department.

2017.01.27 | People , CASA

New student programmer at CASA

On February 1, Simon Gregersen joins the CASA team as a Student Programmer. I'm currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in computer science at the department, finishing this summer. I am very much looking forward to assisting the CASA group to learn, explore, and enjoy the wonders of programming languages! When not messing around with…

2017.01.10 | CASA , Featured, Public/media, CS frontpage

Talk by Maria Christakis, University of Kent, January 23

Abstract: Most static program analysis techniques do not fully verify all possible executions of a program. They leave executions unverified when they do not check certain properties, fail to verify properties, or check properties under certain unsound assumptions, such as the absence of arithmetic overflow...

2017.01.02 | CASA , Featured, Public/media

"Inference and Evolution of TypeScript Declaration Files" is accepted at FASE 2017.

TypeScript is a typed extension of JavaScript that has become widely used. More than 2000 JavaScript libraries now have publicly available TypeScript declaration files, which allows the libraries to be used when programming TypeScript applications. Such declaration files are written manually, however, and they are often lagging behind the…

2016.12.13 | CASA , Featured, Public/media

"Repairing Event Race Errors by Controlling Nondeterminism" is accepted at ICSE 2017

Modern web applications are written in an event-driven style, in which event handlers execute asynchronously in response to user or system events. The nondeterminism arising from this programming style can lead to pernicious errors. Recent work focuses on detecting event races and classifying them as harmful or harmless. However, since modifying…

2016.11.01 | CASA

New PhD student

On November 1, Martin Torp started as a PhD student. Professional background: I received my bachelor's degree in computer science this summer. Before my enrollment as PhD, I worked as a student programmer in the CASA group for eight months. Personal interests: I enjoy cooking, reading and watching movies. Moreover, I like to spend time with…

2016.10.14 | CASA

Talk by Alex Summers from ETH Zurich on October 26

Alex Summers from ETH Zurich will give a talk about the Viper Project on October 26 in Nygaard-295. Abstract...

2016.09.01 | CASA , Speech, Featured, Public/media

Talk by Jeremy Siek from Indiana University on September 7

Jeremy Siek from Indiana University will give a talk about Compiling gradually typed languages for efficiency on September 7 at 14:00 in Nygaard-395. Abstract...

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