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2015.08.10 |

Mathias Vorreiter Pedersen joins CASA as PhD Student

Mathias Vorreiter Pedersen started as PhD student on August 1 2015

2015.08.10 | CASA

Benjamin Barslev Nielsen joins CASA as PhD Student

Benjamin Barslev Nielsen started as PhD student on August 1 2015

2015.08.10 |

The paper "Message Safety in Dart" is accepted at DLS'15

Read the abstract DLS'15 symposium website

2015.05.14 |

Magnus Madsen PhD defense

On Tuesday, May 19, Magnus Madsen defends his PhD thesis "Static Analysis of Dynamic Languages".

2015.05.14 |

talk by Bor-Yuh Evan Chang, U. Colorado Boulder

Type-Intertwined Heap Analysis

2015.05.01 |

Erik Krogh Kristensen joins CASA as PhD student

Erik Krogh Kristensen started as PhD student on May 1 2015.

2015.04.15 |

talk by Michael Pradel, TU Darmstadt

DLint: Dynamically Checking Bad Coding Practices in JavaScript

2015.03.11 |

Anders Møller receives ERC Consolidator Grant

The European Research Council (ERC) established by the European Commission has just awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant of 2 million euro to Associate Professor Anders Møller for the project Automated Program Analysis for Advanced Web Applications.

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