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2016.12.13 | CASA , Featured, Public/media

"Repairing Event Race Errors by Controlling Nondeterminism" is accepted at ICSE 2017

Modern web applications are written in an event-driven style, in which event handlers execute asynchronously in response to user or system events. The nondeterminism arising from this programming style can lead to pernicious errors. Recent work focuses on detecting event races and classifying them as harmful or harmless. However, since modifying…

2016.11.01 | CASA

New PhD student

On November 1, Martin Torp started as a PhD student. Professional background: I received my bachelor's degree in computer science this summer. Before my enrollment as PhD, I worked as a student programmer in the CASA group for eight months. Personal interests: I enjoy cooking, reading and watching movies. Moreover, I like to spend time with…

2016.10.14 | CASA

Talk by Alex Summers from ETH Zurich on October 26

Alex Summers from ETH Zurich will give a talk about the Viper Project on October 26 in Nygaard-295. Abstract...

2016.09.01 | CASA , Speech, Featured, Public/media

Talk by Jeremy Siek from Indiana University on September 7

Jeremy Siek from Indiana University will give a talk about Compiling gradually typed languages for efficiency on September 7 at 14:00 in Nygaard-395. Abstract...

2016.08.30 | CASA , People , Featured, Public/media

PhD defense by Fabio Strocco

On Thursday September 8, Fabio Strocco will defend his PhD dissertation entitled Type Soundness in the Dart Programming Language. We wish him the best of luck with both defense and his future career!

2016.08.16 | CASA , People , Public/media

PhD defense by Esben Andreasen

On Wednesday 24 August, Esben Andreasen will defend his PhD dissertation entitled Designing abstractions for JavaScript program analysis. After the completing his PhD degree, Esben will remain a CASA team member but now as a Postdoc.

2016.08.03 | CASA , Awards, Public/media, Staff, Students, Private and public companies, Alumni

ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award for Christoffer Quist Adamsen, Gianluca Mezzetti, and Anders Møller

At the 2016 ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, the Distinguished Paper Award was presented to Christoffer Quist Adamsen, Gianluca Mezzetti, and Anders Møller for the article "Analysing Test Completeness for Dynamic Languages".

2016.07.01 | CASA

Paper accepted at Science of Computer Programming: Message Safety in Dart

"Message Safety in Dart" by Erik Ernst, Anders Møller, Mathias Schwarz, and Fabio Strocco. Unlike traditional static type checking, the type system in the Dart programming language is unsound by design, even for fully annotated programs. The rationale has been that this allows compile-time detection of likely errors and enables code completion…

2016.06.06 | Research news, CASA , Public/media, Staff, Students

New paper: Analyzing Test Completeness for Dynamic Languages

In dynamically typed programming languages, type errors can occur at runtime. Executing the test suites that often accompany programs may provide some confidence about absence of such errors, but generally without any guarantee. We present a program analysis that can check whether a test suite has sufficient coverage to prove a given type-related…

2016.04.14 | CASA , Awards, Research news, Staff, Students, Public/media

ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award for Esben Andreasen and Anders Møller

The article "Feedback-Directed Instrumentation for Deployed JavaScript Applications" has been selected to receive an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award. From the CASA team Esben Andreasen and Anders Møller have co-authored the publication.

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