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Our scientific results are published at top conferences and journals in Programming Languages and Software Engineering:

Detecting Blocking Errors in Go Programs using Localized Abstract Interpretation, Veileborg, Saioc, and Møller, ASE'22

Modular Call Graph Construction for Security Scanning of Node.js Applications, Nielsen, Torp, and Møller, ISSTA'21

Semantic Patches for Adaptation of JavaScript Programs to Evolving Libraries, Nielsen, Torp, and Møller, ICSE'21

Eliminating Abstraction Overhead of Java Stream Pipelines using Ahead-of-Time Program Optimization, Veileborg and Møller, OOPSLA'20

Detecting Locations in JavaScript Programs Affected by Breaking Library Changes, Nielsen, Torp, and Møller, OOPSLA'20

Value Partitioning: A Lightweight Approach to Relational Static Analysis for JavaScript, Nielsen and Møller, ECOOP'20

Extracting Taint Specifications for JavaScript Libraries, Staicu, Torp, Schäfer, Møller, and Pradel, ICSE'20

NodeRacer: Event Race Detection for Node.js Applications, Endo and Møller, ICST'20

Static Analysis with Demand-Driven Value Refinement, Stein, Nielsen, Chang, and Møller, OOPSLA'19

Model-Based Testing of Breaking Changes in Node.js Libraries, Møller and Torp, ESEC/FSE'19

Reasonably-Most-General Clients for JavaScript Library Analysis, Kristensen and Møller, ICSE'19

Precision-Guided Context Sensitivity for Pointer Analysis, Li, Tan, Møller, and Smaragdakis, OOPSLA'18

Scalability-First Pointer Analysis with Self-Tuning Context-Sensitivity, Li, Tan, Møller, and Smaragdakis, ESEC/FSE'18

Practical AJAX Race Detection for JavaScript Web Applications, Adamsen, Alimadadi, Møller, and Tip, ESEC/FSE'18

Type Regression Testing to Detect Breaking Changes in Node.js Libraries, Mezzetti, Møller, and Torp, ECOOP'18

Type Test Scripts for TypeScript Testing, Kristensen and Møller, OOPSLA'17

Practical Initialization Race Detection for JavaScript Web Applications, Adamsen, Tip, and Møller, OOPSLA'17 (ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Paper)

ArtForm: A Tool for Exploring the Codebase of Form-based Websites, Spencer, Benedikt, Møller, and van Breugel, ISSTA Demo 2017

A Survey of Dynamic Analysis and Test Generation for JavaScript, Andreasen, Møller, Gong, Pradel, Selakovic, Sen, and Staicu, ACM Computing Surveys

Systematic Black-Box Analysis of Collaborative Web Applications, Billes, Møller, and Pradel, PLDI'17

Systematic Approaches for Increasing Soundness and Precision of Static Analyzers, Andreasen, Møller, and Nielsen, SOAP'17

Inference and Evolution of TypeScript Declaration Files, Kristensen and Møller, FASE 2017 (ETAPS 2017 Best Paper Award Nominee)

Repairing Event Race Errors by Controlling Nondeterminism, Adamsen, Møller, Karim, Sridharan, Tip, and Sen, ICSE 2017

Message Safety in Dart, Ernst, Møller, Schwarz, and Strocco. Science of Computer Programming, 2017

Type Safety Analysis for Dart, Heinze, Møller, and Strocco, DLS 2016

Type Unsoundness in Practice: An Empirical Study of Dart,  Mezzetti, Møller, and Strocco, DLS 2016

Analyzing Test Completeness for Dynamic Languages, Adamsen, Mezzetti, and Møller, ISSTA 2016 (ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper)

Trace Typing: An Approach for Evaluating Retrofitted Type Systems. Andreasen, Gordon, Chandra, Sridharan, Tip, and Sen, ECOOP 2016.

Feedback-Directed Instrumentation for Deployed JavaScript Applications, Madsen, Tip, Andreasen, Sen, and Møller, ICSE 2016 (ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper)

Stateless Model Checking of Event-Driven Applications, Jensen, Møller, Raychev, Dimitrov, and Vechev, OOPSLA 2015 

Systematic Execution of Android Test Suites in Adverse Conditions, Adamsen, Mezzetti, and Møller, ISSTA 2015 (ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper)

QuickChecking Static Analysis Properties, Midtgaard and Møller, ICST 2015

Determinacy in Static Analysis of jQuery, Andreasen and Møller, OOPSLA 2014

Checking Correctness of TypeScript Interfaces for JavaScript Libraries, Feldthaus and Møller, OOPSLA 2014 (ACM SIGPLAN Artifact Award)

Sparse Dataflow Analysis with Pointers and Reachability, Madsen and Møller, SAS 2014

Semi-Automatic Rename Refactoring for JavaScript, Feldthaus and Møller, OOPSLA 2013

Automated Detection of Client-State Manipulation Vulnerabilities, Møller and Schwarz, ACM TOSEM and ICSE 2012 (ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper)

Server Interface Descriptions for Automated Testing of JavaScript Web Applications, Jensen, Møller, and Su, ESEC/FSE 2013

Practical Static Analysis of JavaScript Applications in the Presence of Frameworks and Libraries, Madsen, Livshits, and Fanning, ESEC/FSE 2013

Automated Testing with Targeted Event Sequence Generation, Jensen, Prasad, and Møller, ISSTA 2013

Efficient Construction of Approximate Call Graphs for JavaScript IDE Services, Feldthaus, Schäfer, Sridharan, Dolby, and Tip, ICSE 2013

Remedying the Eval that Men Do, Jensen, Jonsson, and Møller, ISSTA 2012 (ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper)

Improving Tools for JavaScript Programmers (Position Paper), Andreasen, Feldthaus, Jensen, Jensen, Jonsson, Madsen, and Møller, STOP 2012

Tool-supported Refactoring for JavaScript, Feldthaus, Millstein, Møller, Schäfer, and Tip, OOPSLA 2011

Modeling the HTML DOM and Browser API in Static Analysis of JavaScript Web Applications, Jensen, Madsen, and Møller, ESEC/FSE 2011

A Framework for Automated Testing of JavaScript Web Applications, Artzi, Dolby, Jensen, Møller, and Tip, ICSE 2011

HTML Validation of Context-Free Languages, Møller and Schwarz, FoSSaCS 2011

XML Graphs in Program Analysis, Møller and Schwartzbach, Science of Computer Programming, 76(6)

Interprocedural Analysis with Lazy Propagation, Jensen, Møller, and Thiemann, SAS 2010

Type Analysis for JavaScript, Jensen, Møller, and Thiemann, SAS 2009